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Landing a job as a cabin crew member can be very tough especially if you dont know how to ace initial stages.

Many airlines are now conducting video interviews as part of the recruitment process such as Emirates, Fly Dubai, British Airways and more.

This process help airlines filter across thousands of applications.

This digital process can be somewhat daunting if you’re not prepared. But fear not, we’ve gathered some essential tips to help you nail your cabin crew video interview.

Preparing for the Video Interview: Know Your Role

A vital initial stage in your video interview preparation is gaining a deep understanding of the cabin crew role you’re applying for. The scope of duties encompassed by a cabin crew position is extensive and diverse.

Thus, having a good understanding of what the job entails can enhance your ability to answer interview questions with certainty and precision. It’s a good idea to dive into an exhaustive research about the airlines’ ethos, standards, and unique stipulations for their cabin crew.

For this purpose you may look at Quis Company Profile feature highlighting more than 40+ different airlines and providing you with the most fundamental info such as Mission, Vision and Core Values helping you understand if this is an airline you would like to settle with.

The more insights you gather about the role, the more equipped you are to highlight why you’re the perfect match for it.

Don’t limit your research to the generalities of the role, but get into the finer details. This will not only help you ace the interview but will also provide you a clear picture of what to expect once you land the job.

The Importance of Setting for a Video Interview

Creating the right environment for your video interview can significantly enhance the first impression you make while you record it.

The key is to select a spot that is both quiet and brightly lit, ensuring distractions are kept to a minimum. When it comes to the backdrop, opt for something simple and uncluttered.

Bear in mind that everything visible in your video frame serves as a representation of you to the interviewer. Therefore, it’s very important that your chosen setting exudes professionalism and allows for the interviewer’s undivided attention to be on you.

From ensuring the right lighting to double-checking that your backdrop is free of clutter, every detail plays its part in presenting you as the ideal candidate for the role.

Whether you are in your study or your living room, the goal remains the same – creating an environment that mirrors a professional interview setting, allowing you to put your best foot forward.

Quis - Video Interview - Cabin Crew

Dress to Impress – Even on Video

Airlines greatly value presentation, and your attire should mirror that ethos. Think of this video interview as a sneak peek into your life as a cabin crew member.

You want your attire to reflect the professionalism, neatness, and polished aesthetic synonymous with the role. Opt for business attire that is both smart and comfortable. This not only demonstrates your understanding of the industry’s high standards but also showcases your readiness to embrace the role.

Beyond your outfit, grooming should be given equal importance. Cabin crew members are expected to present themselves immaculately, as they are the face of the airline. Therefore, ensure your grooming is impeccable. This includes neat hair, understated makeup for the ladies, and clean-shaven faces for the gents.

Remember, the video interview is as much about visual communication as it is about verbal. Your attire and grooming are essential components of that visual narrative.

By putting in the effort to look the part, you’re sending a clear message about your commitment to the role, your attention to detail, and your understanding of the cabin crew culture.

This could be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from other candidates. It’s not just about dressing to impress; it’s about dressing to express your suitability for the role.


Practice Makes Perfect: Practice Interviews and Preparation

A winning strategy for nailing any interview, including a video one, is practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Dive deep with frequently asked cabin crew interview questions and formulate well-thought-out answers.

Engage in mock interviews with someone. This can be an incredibly advantageous exercise, allowing you to become more at ease with expressing your thoughts and effectively dealing with the pressure that interviews inevitably bring.

But remember, practice doesn’t just involve mastering the content of your answers. Equally important is your delivery. Pay attention to your tone, pace, and body language. These elements play a critical role in how your responses are perceived.

You may Practice with a Quis members everyday at 7 PM +4 GST. Choose questions from Latest Interview Section and take turns interview each other.

Additionally, get familiar with the technical aspects of a video interview. Ensure your internet connection is stable, and that your audio and video settings are working correctly. Having a smooth-running interview without technical glitches will help you stay focused and poised.

The main goal of practicing is to make you comfortable and confident, and help you showcase your best self during the interview recording. This preparation also means being ready to discuss specific examples from your experiences which illustrate your suitability for the cabin crew role.

Whether that’s teamwork, customer service, or handling challenging situations, your examples will provide tangible evidence of your skills. Practice won’t make you perfect – nobody is – but it will make you prepared. And a well-prepared candidate is always an impressive one.


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The Art of Body Language in a Video Interview

Body language holds a significant portion of the communication pie, particularly during video interviews. Ensuring you project confidence, approachability, and passion through your physical expressions can greatly swing the odds in your favour.

Begin by maintaining an unwavering gaze towards your camera with a warm and genuine smile- not your screen. This will mirror the natural feel of direct eye contact in a face-to-face conversation.

Always ensure your posture is upright and engaging – slouching or leaning too far back can inadvertently convey disinterest. Use your hands to express your thoughts, but remember not to overdo it. Keeping your movements and gesture measured and natural is the key.

A genuine smile can do wonders in conveying your enthusiasm for the role and setting a positive tone. Since cabin crew roles are heavily centred around providing outstanding customer service, presenting a friendly demeanour can hint at your potential to thrive in a service-focused environment.

Being mindful of your body language can go a long way in projecting a confident image. It can act as a silent but powerful testimonial of your passion and commitment to the role. Don’t underestimate its impact – after all, actions can speak louder than words, even on video.

Excited young woman practice at Quis

Show Your Passion and Enthusiasm for the Role

Displaying your zeal and excitement for the cabin crew role is super important during your video interview. Airlines want to hire people who are truly excited about the idea of working with them.

Use this opportunity to express your desire. Discuss the reasons that drew you to this career path, the unique attributes you possess that align with the role’s demands, and the aspects of the job that truly excite you. On that note add how you well aligned with Core Values of the company such as: mission, vision and Company Values.

Let your passion shine through your words, your expressions, and your overall demeanour. Authentic enthusiasm can often be a compelling differentiator, setting you apart from other applicants vying for the same position.

Conclude the Interview on a Positive Note - Why you are the best candidate?

Wrapping up your interview on a high note can be a game-changer. It’s your final chance to make an impression, so be sure to leave no stone unturned.

Emphasize why you are the ideal candidate for the role by drawing attention to your applicable skills, experiences and attributes that align perfectly with the requirements of a cabin crew member.

Be sure to demonstrate how you stand out from the rest and what makes you unique. 

Show appreciation for the chance to partake in the interview and indicate your excitement about the prospect of becoming a part of the airline’s prestigious cabin crew team.

Remember, the end of your interview is just as critical as the beginning. It’s your closing argument, your final sell, so make it count. A confident and upbeat ending can go a long way in etching you as a formidable candidate in the interviewer’s memory.

Ensure that your closing remarks resonate with the key message you want to deliver: You are ready, willing, and exceptionally capable of taking on the role of a cabin crew member. Show them that you are not just another candidate; you are the candidate they have been searching for.

The one who will go above and beyond to deliver outstanding service, the one who will wear the airline’s emblem with pride and dedication. Remember, it’s not just about convincing them you can do the job, it’s about proving you can excel at it.

A positive and compelling conclusion can do just that, turning the tide in your favor.


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