2024 Guide: Preparing for a British Airways Cabin Crew Interview

British Airways - Cabin Crew Interview


If you’ve always dreamt of joining the jet-set world, working as a cabin crew member for an esteemed airline like British Airways is a perfect start.

Offering flights on domestic and European routes from London City Airport, BA takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service. Could you be the best fit for them?

If your dream is to be part of the British Airways cabin crew, our step-by-step guide will provide you with a comprehensive insight on how to prepare for your British Airways Cabin Crew Interview in 2024.

Our step-by-step guide is here to take you through the application and preparation process.

Understanding the Role of a Cabin Crew Member at British Airways

Becoming a part of the British Airways Crew team means stepping into a world that thrives on exceptional service and safety.

This role is about far more than just serving refreshments at 35,000 feet. It’s about ensuring a seamless, safe, and enjoyable journey for each passenger on board. Imagine being the friendly face that welcomes travelers, the reassuring voice in times of turbulence, and the expert who ensures the well-being of every person on the flight.

You’ll wear many hats – from a customer service professional to a safety officer. The role requires a balance of compassion, patience, and excellent communication skills. You’re there to turn a routine flight into an unforgettable experience for passengers, all while ensuring their safety and comfort.

The moments you create and the service you deliver are what passengers will remember long after their journey ends. Working as a cabin crew member for British Airways is not just a job, but a calling for those who have a passion for hospitality, travel, and making others feel at home, even while they’re in the sky.

BA two Cabin Crews

British Airways Cabin Crew Job Requirements, Benefits

Securing a dreamed Cabin Crew position with British Airways begins with understanding and meeting the essential job requirements.

As a potential candidate, you need to meet following requirements:

– Be aged 18 or over
– Be between 5’2” (1.575m) and 6’2” (1.87m) tall, with weight in proportion to your height.
– Have a vertical function reach of at least 2.01m (6’7).
– Be fluent in written and spoken English.
– Customer service experience is desirable.
– Hold a valid passport (with a minimum of 12 months before expiry date) with unrestricted right to live and work in the UK and which allows unrestricted global travel.
– You must be eligible to acquire a US Visa.
– To provide satisfactory references for the last 5 years and to undergo a Criminal Record Check.
– Be able to obtain and keep an airside pass.
– Be able to work shifts covering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your entire career.
– Conduct stand-by duties close to your airport base.
– Have no visible tattoos or body piercings.
– Be able to swim 50m (55 yards).
– Be able to tread water for 3 minutes and have the strength to pull your own body weight out of the water and into a life raft.
– Be medically and physically fit to meet regulatory and role requirements (if successful, you will be required to attend BA Health Service Medical Assessment).


Up to £25,000-£28,000 per annum (for Heathrow base). BA CityFlyer/ EuroFlyer salary and benefits package may vary. International cabin crew salaries may differ.

Other Benefits:

– Bonuses awarded on performance and commission for inflight retail sales.
– Annual leave starts at 30 days per year rising to 34 days per year.
– Preference bidding (you can bid for certain destinations and state if you would prefer long or shortfall flying) but nothing is guaranteed and you will always have to do both long and short haul as it is in your contract.
– Investment in ongoing training and development (Great to further your career prospects with a very reputable airline)
– Attractive travel concessions across an extensive network and other airlines
– Unlimited discounted airfares for your friends and family
– Contributory company pension scheme (worth having)!
– Life insurance
– Staff restaurants (and often worldwide restaurants with your employee ID card)
– Uniform

In a nutshell, while the requirements to become a cabin crew member with British Airways are precise, they pave the way for a dynamic career full of rewarding experiences and endless travel opportunities.

Cabin Crew British Airways

British Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

Embarking on the journey to become a member of the British Airways cabin crew begins with a straightforward, yet rigorous, recruitment process.

– First Step will be submitting an application online, where you will showcase your skills, experience, and passion for the role.

You can submit you online application HERE

You’ll have to fill out your personal details and answer some basic screening questions. These are to make sure you understand and meet the basic requirements.

There are sections for you to upload your CV and certificates, and when you’ve submitted the form you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation.

– Second Step is The Online Test.

If you pass the CV screening process you’ll receive an invitation to take part in the online psychometric testing.

Try to set aside time for the tests where you wont be disturbed, and be prepared with a pen, paper and calculator. 
The tests generally fall into three categories – numeracy, verbal reasoning and personality/behavior.

Once you’ve completed the tests you’ll be notified, if you’ve made it through to the next stage. You’ll also receive a feedback report, whether the news is good or bad – helpful for future applications!

– Third Step – your application suit BA Recruitment Team interest, you’ll be asked to participate in an online video interview.

This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression, highlight your customer service expertise, and showcase your enthusiasm for the job. How to pass video interview – read our recent guide – How to Smash Video Interview for Cabin Crew role

– Step Four – Assessment Day

Following a successful video interview, you’ll be invited to take part in an assessment day. You’ll be asked to book yourself a slot at the BA Assessment centre if you’re successful in the online testing. This is located at Head Office, near Heathrow.

As well as giving you a chance to find out more about the airline and ask any questions you may have, the assessment will include:

  • Height Test 
  • English Test
  • Group and Role-Play exercise

This consists of engaging group exercises designed to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills, and a final one-on-one interview where you can truly shine as a prospective cabin crew member.

If you’ve never attended an assessment event before it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous. If you are successful during the Assessment Day you will be invited to a Final Interview, Usually its is a one-on-one or panel type of Interview

– Step Five – Interview

The Interview is your big chance to impress the recruiters.

You’ll get the opportunity to show in your answers to the interview questions that YOU are the candidate for them. It’s so important to be prepared. Think about what you might be asked, and how your experiences can back you up when you explain how the role is right for you.

British Airways like to see that candidates have done their homework – a bit of research into the airline and their policies could go a long way.

You shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out the result of your interview – BA aim to get back to candidates in around 8-10 days.

To set yourself apart, make sure you prepare thoroughly for each stage of the process. Do your research, practice your responses, and most importantly, let your passion for the role shine through. Remember, it’s not just about answering questions – it’s about demonstrating that you’re the ideal candidate to represent British Airways in the sky.

Developing Your Interview Skills

Taking the leap from a dream to the reality of a British Airways cabin crew job requires careful preparation and practice of your interview skills. Begin by diving into research. Look for commonly asked interview questions for cabin crew positions.

You can alternatively find all necessary info about airline and practice by downloading Quis App

As you uncover these, think about how you would answer them:

– How have your past experiences prepared you for a crisis mid-air?
– Can you provide examples of your superior customer service skills?
– How do you stay calm under stress?

Preparation is key, but equally important is how you deliver your answers. Remember, this role demands effective communication. Practice, not just till you get it right, but till you can’t get it wrong. Deliver your answers with clarity and conviction.

Confidence is infectious; if you believe in your answers, so will your interviewer.
This isn’t about reciting a rehearsed script, but rather about communicating your genuine passion for the job and your aptitude for it.

Therefore, ensure that while your responses are well-thought-out, they should also showcase your personality, sincerity, and dedication to the role.

And don’t forget about non-verbal cues. How you hold yourself can speak volumes about your confidence and professionalism. Practice maintaining eye contact, use positive body language, and remember to smile.

This isn’t just an interview; it’s your chance to demonstrate that you’re the perfect fit for British Airways’ cabin crew. This is your moment to shine – rehearse, refine, and be ready to soar.

Seeking Feedback and Constantly Improving

In the pursuit of your dream job as a cabin crew member with British Airways, every interaction, every answer given, and every decision made is a chance to learn. This is where feedback comes into play.

Receiving feedback can often feel like a setback, but in reality, it’s a catalyst for growth and improvement. Constructive criticism provides you with valuable insight into areas you may need to strengthen.

Maybe you need to work on maintaining eye contact, perhaps your body language needs refining, or it could be that you need to exhibit more confidence in your responses. Accepting and learning from feedback is a crucial step in preparing for your cabin crew interview.

Each critique should be viewed as a stepping stone to becoming better, stronger, and more poised in presenting yourself as the ideal candidate. After practice interviews at Quis you will defenitely hear something, as feedback is a part of Practice Interview that allow most of our members to thrive during the Interview.

Ask what you could do differently, what areas you should focus on, or how you can better demonstrate your suitability for the role. Use the insights gained to refine your preparation strategy and polish your skills for the next opportunity.

Remember, the goal isn’t perfection; it’s constant progress. Each comment is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and bring you one step closer to donning the British Airways uniform and taking to the skies.

British Airways team

Staying Updated with the Latest Information

Navigating the fast-paced world of the aviation industry means always being in the know. For an aspiring British Airways Cabin Crew member like yourself, this translates into following the latest happenings, policies, and updates surrounding the airline.

An effective way to do this is by actively following British Airways across their social media channels. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are all platforms where the airline shares timely updates and insights. For more official and latest info we suggest you visit Press Release centre of British Airways and subscribe for their newsletter. 

This not only helps you stay informed about the airline’s latest news and developments but also provides an understanding of their brand values, ethos, and customer-centric approach.

Furthermore, subscribing to British Airways’ newsletters will also ensure that you don’t miss out on any significant announcements or changes.

By staying up-to-date, you’ll be able to weave in relative details during your interview. This shows that you’re not only committed to joining the airline but also genuinely interested in the ongoing dynamics of the organization.

The more you know about British Airways, the better prepared you’ll be to answer questions and engage in insightful conversations during your cabin crew interview. So, make sure to get clicking, scrolling, and subscribing to position yourself as an informed and passionate candidate ready to embrace the skies with British Airways.

Boosting Your Confidence for the Big Day

Imagine stepping onto a British Airways flight, brimming with confidence, ready to deliver top-notch service. That sense of certainty is invaluable in this industry, particularly when passengers look to you for reassurance, assistance, and friendly interaction.

This unshakable confidence starts with thorough preparation and practice. Speaking clearly with a genuine warm is essential in communicating effectively with passengers. Practice your responses, listen to your voice, modulate your tone, and ensure clarity in your speech like a thousands of Quis members do when they pratice until you nail your answer! And it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Cultivate a confident posture, stand tall, and walk with purpose. Body language can speak louder than words, especially when you’re interacting with passengers from different backgrounds and cultures. A confident posture and a warm smile can go a long way in setting a positive tone onboard.

Also, remember to work on your eye contact. This silent form of communication can establish trust and connection with passengers, making them feel heard and valued. And while it’s essential to show confidence, it’s equally important to be genuinely you. Allow your authentic personality to shine through.

Passengers appreciate sincerity and authenticity, and these qualities can set you apart. Confidence doesn’t come overnight, but with consistent practice and self-belief, you’ll step into your British Airways cabin crew interview—and eventually onto the aircraft—with confidence that’s contagious.

Keeping Yourself Motivated Throughout the Process

Pursuing your dream to become a member of the British Airways cabin crew might feel like a long journey, filled with intense preparation, practice, and interviews.

But don’t let these obstacles dim your excitement or lessen your determination. Keep your vision alive by regularly visualizing yourself in that immaculate cabin crew uniform, offering world-class service to passengers, and exploring fascinating destinations across the globe.

Fuel your drive by immersing yourself in stories of successful cabin crew members, their experiences, challenges, and how they soared above them all. Focus on your growth and learning throughout the process, relishing each feedback, improvement, and step forward. Invest your time in honing your skills and becoming the best version of you.

Surround yourself with positivity, be it through inspiring quotes, motivational books, or uplifting music that keeps your spirits high. Celebrate your small victories, whether it’s a successful mock interview, a perfected response, or a newfound confidence in your abilities.

And remember, every effort you put in brings you closer to your dream. The skies are waiting for you, and every mile traveled on this journey will make the destination – a rewarding career with British Airways – that much sweeter. So, embrace the process, stay motivated, and keep your eyes on the horizon!

British Airways team

Conclusion: Key Takeaways

Your journey to join the prestigious British Airways cabin crew in 2024 involves comprehensive preparation and unwavering dedication. 

Enhancing your interview skills, seeking constant feedback, and maintaining an updated knowledge about the airline are all crucial aspects of this journey.

To further boost your preparation, we highly suggest the Quis App, which can be an effective tool in honing your interview skills. Always aim for constant improvement, refining your CV to ensure it stands out and showcases your aptitude for this dream job.

Staying motivated and confident throughout the process is key; after all, the aviation world rewards those with passion and determination. So keep dreaming, keep flying, and prepare to conquer the skies with British Airways!

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